What does “All Secure” mean?

“All Secure” is the call that goes out over the radio during a combat mission to signal that everyone is accounted for and that everything is ok, that the target is secure and threats have been eliminated.

What does the All Secure logo represent?

In October 2014, Tom and Jen tattooed this tribal symbol to honor the struggles of our past that we were able to overcome, but more importantly it represented the optimism of the future they would build together.

When All Secure Foundation was born, it became obvious to Jen and Tom what logo mark they wanted to use to represent the work they began in aiding combat families heal, the same arrow they inked as a commitment to individually and as a couple to always push forward no matter the obstacle, now included encouraging and assisting others to do the same.

This symbol reminds us that even when the arrow is being drawn backwards, that it’s just gaining force to be shot forward into a brighter future.

The infinity loop represents that this cycle is continuous and when life gets tough, when it draws you backwards, just remember to aim towards a goal and release the arrow towards a better outcome.