Command Sgt. Major (ret.) Tom Satterly served in the Army for 25 years, 20 of those years were spent in the military’s most secretive and elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force. As an Operator and CSM, Tom fought in and lead countless high profile military missions including Operation Red Dawn (Saddam Hussein’s capture) and the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) which was the longest sustained firefight since Vietnam. That 18-hour firefight ended with Tom, along with several of his team mates, running the Mogadishu Mile to safety.

Although the physical, mental, and emotional toll of war had compounded over the years, Tom never faced his Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms and in 2013 he nearly ended his life. Had it not been a text from his now wife, Jen, he would have joined the 22 veterans who commit suicide every single day.

As Director of Film and Photography of an elite Special Operations training company, Jen embedded with Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Army Rangers in (RMTs) Realistic Military Training exercises sometime for weeks at a time. During this time, she began to notice the same symptoms Tom was battling and began to ask questions. What was being done? Who is helping our warriors on the homefront heal? Who is helping the families with secondary PTS? She didn’t like the answers and became certified in health and wellness to better understand PTS and the body.

Tom and Jen decided something had to be done and the work they did together training and preparing warriors to fight overseas turned into a mission of helping warriors and their families fight the silent war and to heal from it on the homefront. The Satterly’s founded All Secure Foundation in August 2017 as a resource library for helping warriors and their families navigate the maze of treatments and modalities of healing from PTS. They have worked individually with hundreds of warriors and their families and soon became more than a referral website but also a provider of education, awareness, and programs for healing.

In 2019 ASF launched one of the only programs in the country for warrior couples to tackle PTS and Secondary PTS together with Emotionally Focused Therapy through their Special Operations Warrior Couples Retreat Workshops. The program was so successful that they filled all 6 of the retreat workshops in 2020 in a single day. With additional funding, more workshop retreats will be added (to donate to or sponsor a retreat, please visit our DONATE page).

In 2020, All Secure Foundation has also began working directly with Special Operation units and the FRG (Family Readiness Group) by providing PTS Resiliency training at bases across the United States. In addition to working with the DOD, Tom and Jen also speak across the country to provide awareness and education on PTS including Congress, the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs, The White House Communication Agency, USAA, Lockheed Martin, NAMI, and countless veteran organizations.



Tom Satterly is a highly decorated combat veteran, having served in the Army 25 years, the last 20 in the US Military’s most elite Tier One unit, Delta Force. He has been involved in, and led, some of our nation’s most important military campaigns.

Tom fought in and was portrayed in the Oscar Winning 2001 film: Black Hawk Down which was the longest sustained firefight since Vietnam. As a member of Delta Force, he has been deployed countless times and led hundreds of missions including the capture of Saddam Hussein. He is the recipient of numerous medals including 5 Bronze Stars, 2 for Valorous acts, and he was the first American to attend German Ranger School after competing against hundreds of soldiers to win the singular honor.

Beyond Tom’s proven experience of leadership and critical decision making skills in high-risk environments, he continues to fight and win his own “silent war” off the battlefield after coming within seconds of taking his own life and becoming a veteran suicide statistic.

His innate strengths of courage, perseverance, and “can do” attitude has saved his life countless times. His willingness to speak openly and honestly of his mental and emotional struggles have saved the lives of others who believed they had to suffer in silence and make it alone or not at all.

Today, Tom is on his most important mission to date with his wife and partner, Jen. Together, they are co-Founders and co-CEOs of All Secure Foundation, a non-profit organization serving Special Operation warriors and their families reconnect and heal on the homefront. Their organization has been recognized as a top rated non profit by Great Nonprofit s and has grown to serve thousands of combat families.

Tom’s best-selling book, “All Secure: A Special Operations Soldier’s Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefront”, was released on November 5, 2019 is available at all major booksellers.



Jen Satterly was an award-winning filmmaker and photographer for 15 years, spending the last three years as Director of Film and Photography of an elite Special Operations training company fully embedded with Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and Army Rangers in large-scale realistic training missions.

During her time embedding with Special Operations warriors, Jen began to see a pattern with the soldiers, sailors, and airmen she worked alongside, some of the very same issues her husband, retired Command Sgt. Major Tom Satterly, was also facing with complex Post-Traumatic Stress. She began searching for answers to help them find a way to constructively deal with PTS and its symptoms which included isolation, anxiety, severe depression, anger issues and a long list of medical challenges. Jen made it her mission to not only help the service member but also the families who often suffer from secondary PTS and are innocent causalities of the longest war.

Passionate about helping warriors and their families heal, Jen stepped out from behind the camera and became a certified health and wellness coach to better understand the biology of PTS. Alongside her husband, Tom, they co-Founded All Secure Foundation and serve as co-CEOs. All Secure Foundation is 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving Special Operation warriors and their families reconnect and heal on the homefront from the trauma of war. Their organization has been recognized as a top rated non profit by Great Nonprofits and has grown to serve thousands of combat families.

Additionally, Jen is the founder of Virago (vəˈräɡō/), a platform for educating and empowering women who are facing the challenges of PTS on the homefront. She is currently writing a book which will be published late 2020 by Post Hill Publishing/Simon and Schuster.


Shelly Aspenson,  Operations Manager

Shelly Aspenson joined All Secure Foundation after a successful career in operational management in Indiana. Shelly will assist in organizing warrior couples retreat workshops, resiliency training at military installations, and in development of future courses and seminars. You will see her out on the road with Tom and Jen, make sure to stop by and say hi.

Shelly is passionate about serving our warriors and warrior families in healing from war trauma. She has first hand experience in military family life as she was married to a Marine, her son also served as a Marine, both of which are now Law Enforcement Officers. Her brothers, Tom and Steve, both served in the Army. She cares deeply about ways to help couples navigate the waters of PTS.

Shelly is also an accomplished writer and also loves to hit the road for adventures.




Christopher VanSant is a retired 20+ year Special Operations Veteran. Mr. VanSant’s service includes time in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division, and 11 combat deployments as both a Team Member and Team Leader in 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force). During the latter part of his career, Mr. VanSant held the position of Soldier Systems Commodity Chief, then as the Deputy Chief of the G8, Force Modernization Office, for 1st Special Forces Command, where he was responsible for developing, procuring, and equipping the Army’s Green Berets.  Mr. VanSant retired in 2015, at which point he transitioned to civilian life and became the Chief Operating Officer for Tyr Tactical, LLC., where he remains today. Tyr is a US manufacturer of Body Armor, Ballistic Shields, Tactical Nylon products, Clothing, and K9 equipment.

Overcoming many obstacles and sustaining numerous injuries throughout his military career, Chris’s biggest challenge was overcoming TBI, PTSD, Depression, Sleep Disorder, and chemical dependency. Having navigated both traditional and nontraditional paths to recovery, Chris is an advocate for veteran mental health and wellness, veterans helping veterans, and finding ways to recover using the healing properties of outdoor pursuits. He and his wife Robin support various veteran charitable causes and are absolutely thrilled to be joining the All Secure Foundation team.


Donna Stamp is the Assistant Vice President of Global Privacy for Enterprise Holdings Inc., the largest car rental company in the world which operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental brands at more than 9,900 fully staffed neighborhood and airport locations in more than 90 countries.

The Global Privacy Department supports all aspects of the company’s customer and employee data uses, policies and best practices; incident response management; privacy program management; data protection compliance; and the emerging areas of digital and telematics.

Donna began her career with Enterprise in 1998 as a Management Trainee in rental operations, then spent a substantial part of her career in the Marketing and Communications Departmentholding positions from Marketing and Brand management to Marketing Compliance and the development of a Marketing Procurement practice. In 2015, she moved into her current role where she leads global privacy team for the company. Donna has a degree in international studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).

Donna resides in St. Louis with her husband and two children.


Samuel Rossa is a results-oriented senior executive with over 25 years of experience as a strategic and visionary leader building high-performance teams, innovating successful workforce solutions, and guiding top-tier companies. He currently focuses on developing key customer and industry relationships as the General Manager for the Midwest region.

Prior to joining PEOPLEASE, Sam served as Chief Operating Officer/ Executive Vice-President over Operations and Analytics for one of the country’s largest Professional Employer Organizations. He orchestrated the pull-back of offshore services and reformed operational streams resulting in lower overall expenses and positive cash flow. His focus on integrating operations and service delivery produced a retention rate which outperformed previous years.

Improvement, performance, and results drive Sam as he embraces the ever complex and dynamic environment facing our customers today.

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