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Veteran suicide numbers are on the rise and even more warrior and warrior families are suffering in silence. But there is help, and there is hope.

All Secure Foundation retrains your brain from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) to Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) through programs and workshops, individual and couples coaching, and online courses.

You are never alone. We’ve got you six. Please reach out.



“I am beyond thankful for this and I am absolutely blown away by your generosity. I could never begin to repay people like you for what you have done for me. I have never felt like anyone owed me anything or truthfully that I was deserving of kindness like this, I was just doing a job that I loved. Thank you doesn’t accurately convey how truly grateful I am and I don’t think I can put in to words how much this surprise gift means to me. Thank you!”


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What is the All Secure Foundation?

All Secure Foundation provides workshop retreats for Special Operation active duty and veteran combat war fighters and their significant other.

All Secure Foundation is a 501(c)3 National Tax Exempt Non Profit. 

We believe in transparency and are fully committed to serving the war fighter family. ASF provides workshop retreats for Special Operation Couples at no cost to them (excluding travel). Your generous donation makes our mission possible, to LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.


Tom and I worked together but at the time I looked up to him too much to ask for help or imagine that he could possibly struggle like I felt I was. When I retired and felt more alone than ever Tom and Jen shared their experiences with humility and with an open ear. I feel confident and encouraged having folks two steps ahead in their journey of healing and wellness. I consider it my privilege to know Tom and Jen and to have them on my side when I need an ear or a voice.  

All secure is more than an organization it’s a mantra worth repeating for those who are suffering.

Greg C., Special Operations Veteran

All Secure Foundation has provided the community with the unconditional love and support our Combat Veterans and their families have been praying for since the internal battles first began. Tom and Jen Satterly have broken barriers that have helped to destigmatize Combat Veterans with PTSD as well as embrace spouses who have silently battled secondary PTSD as a result of their warrior’s deployment related traumas. The struggle is real. But, the presence of hope and happiness after nearly two decades of love and war is even more real which is something we’d almost completely given up on. I’m so very grateful to Tom and Jen for being advocates and having the guts to break the taboo topics of combat related PTSD and the Veteran Suicide Epidemic. Tom has taken his vulnerabilities and turned them into a super power by empowering our families to have the courage to face these tough challenges and never give up hope. There are no words to express my gratitude, but we are beyond thankful for everything this foundation stands for.

Jade A., Special Operations Spouse

I’m on the board of trustees for another veterans charity and we have begun to interact with All Secure. Tom’s background, Jen’s devotion, and the methodology they use to bring veterans back into their family dynamic are all reasons we support them unconditionally.

Scot C., Special Operations Veteran

What these folks are doing for our community is amazing. Tireless energy, dedication and non-stop caring. 

I experienced their services first hand during an All Secure Foundation retreat in Missouri last September. The time and effort put into this was immediately apparent. While there was certainly counseling and such, the curriculum also included time to enjoy the nature of the area along with alone time with your significant other. A relaxing and non-judgemental environment for all. 

I honestly had no idea what to expect going in and have to say the experience FAR exceeded my expectations. I learned more about myself and my brothers, and my fiancé learned much also regarding me personally and our community; that I’m not the only person dealing with things foreign to many. 

Tom, Jen and Stacy, I can’t thank you enough for everything, to include my new found tools to reference whenever I need. 

Paul M., Special Operations Veteran, US ARMY

I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Tom, Jen and Andrew at All Secure Foundation. They’re an amazing group of people who have combined their collective deep-level experience, knowledge, and empathy into serving a vulnerable population of veterans in need of help. They work with professionals to provide counseling, programs, and an ear to listen for people who need it most, and they were able to help a friend of mine at a critical time. Proud to know such great people and such a great foundation.

Spencer G., US ARMY

I have had the pleasure of watching Tom and Jen create this All Secure Foundation, and to say that it has been an epic success is an understatement. Tom’s willingness to display emotional vulnerability in the sharing of his personal journey makes him one of the few, from his cut of cloth willing to demonstrate leadership in this very unfamiliar and uncomfortable way. This fact alone ensures that his message of awareness coupled with action will save “your” life……if you work for it. 

Jen is no doubt the best partner Tom could have in this journey of facilitating the healing of other warriors. Her passion for executing this mission and true passion, is palpable, and her ability to inspire and connect is a beautiful thing to experience. 

Jen has personally helped me with several issues concerning my diet and overall health, as well as provided sound guidance around several personal relationship issues. 

All in all I just want to express my support for what All Secure Foundation is doing, and will continue to support and “put my name on” anything they do.

Scot S., Special Operations Veteran

Tom & Jen realize how important it is to include spouses of military members. I refer all my veteran spouses to them for support and the encouragement they need and deserve, after essentially serving with their spouse during the often many deployments. And don’t forget to donate!

Robert C., Special Operations Veteran

As a veteran, the very idea that 22 of my brothers and sisters are taking their own lives each day is just unconscionable.

The work that All Secure Foundation does to reach out to and help our Special Forces Vets and their spouses is beyond commendable. Tom and Jen have a keen insight into the needs and the process, because they continue to Walk the Walk through these struggles in their very own lives. These aren’t gurus on the mountaintop. This is a highly-decorated Special Forces vet and his tirelessly devoted wife sharing their own journey-in-progress and simultaneously reaching back within the community to pull others along on the path to recovery and healing.

Thom K., Special Operations Veteran

I cannot Express in words how much Tom and Jen Satterly have help me. Podcast, open discussions, real life Veteran topics with no BS candid, professional and heart felt healing answers! They care and the do it on a whole different level. I’ve been to counseling, clinics and programs and I’ve received the same regurgitated words every time for different people but, never from Tom, Jen and the All Secure Team. Everything that has been discussed, tabled and mentioned thus far has hit home with me personally and it has been extremely healing for me and my family!

AWarriorUntilTheEnd, Special Operations Veteran

Jen’s Book

Arsenal of Hope: Tactics for Taking on PTSD, Together


Stories from the battlefield to the homefront and the wisdom gained along the way.


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