The 6 Week Mind + Body Reset is designed to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues, reset your digestive system, and renew your baseline of wellbeing. You will learn how food affects the way you feel, how to attune to your body’s unique needs, and activate your natural healing potential. You will work on breaking habits that no longer serve you into ones that do. You will create more space in your life for the good while releasing the bad. This is a holistic approach, healing your body and mind with equal resolve.


The 6 Week Mind + Body Reset was created by Jen Satterly, a Certified Health Coach, a Special Operation Veteran wife, to address the unique challenges our combat veterans face. Jen volunteers hundreds of hours for hundreds of combat warriors and their spouses to take back their health, body and mind, using proven clinical research including Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10 Day elimination plan.

Tom and Jen have spoken around the country, including Congress, on health issues facing our warriors.

This program is not a military boot camp. The 6 WEEK MIND + BODY RESET is a gentle detox, using a systematic approach to foods we eat and to address the habits that no longer serve you into ones that do for a better quality of life. In other words, anyone who wants to rebuild their health and habits can benefit from the 6 WEEK MIND + BODY RESET.


  • Shed excess weight (especially abdominal weight)

  • Boost your energy

  • Feel lighter and cleaner

  • Decrease your craving for unhealthy foods

  • Experience deeper sleep and clearer skin

  • Improve your digestion (less gas and bloating)

  • Enhance your body’s ability to mobilize and excrete toxins

  • Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms

  • Discover food sensitivities

  • Create healthy habits that are sustainable long term

  • Create a positive outlook that serves every area of your life

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Increase stamina, energy, and reduces brain fog
Reduces inflammation in the body
Decreases Pain
Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression


“In the course of 3 months my wife and I have lost over a combined 80 pounds and 10 inches of waist line. I have walked or ran over 3000 miles (which is the distance coast to coast across the United States), climbed over a half million vertical feet, and burned over 200,000 calories.

This may mark the end of our experiment but, it is the beginning of a new healthier life. There is no sense of even embarking on something like this, if all a person is going to do is revert back to the same old habits and lifestyle that got them into their predicament in the first place.

There are no magic pills. These are merely tools to assist a person with obtaining their goals. Like any tool, they are worth absolutely jack and shit (and jack just left town), if the person using them lacks the discipline, motivation, and consistency to use them.

Too many people look at diet and exercise as having to sacrifice. That attitude is already putting them in a mindset predestined for failure. There are alternatives to sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and junk food. Trust me, I have found them. If the diet and exercise program I chose proves anything, it is the fact that little changes and actions add up to big results. Daily routines, shape habits, and develop a permanent lifestyle. WHERE WILL YOU BE IN 3 MONTHS!?”

Peter Kranenburgh, Service Dog trainer and owner of Kranenburgh Kennels
Retired Special Forces Commanding Officer at SFARTAETC

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