All Secure Foundation Special Operation Combat Couples Workshop Retreats are led by Tom and Jen Satterly along with Stacey Hensler-Stone, a marriage and trauma therapist, for combat warriors and their spouses to reconnect and rebuild their relationship post-deployment or post-service.

The Right Amount of Energy

ASF workshop retreats focus on Post-Traumatic Stress, strengthening the relationship and the individual through result-driven techniques, group sessions and activities, a couple’s date night, and action steps to continue the work of healing back home.

Special Operations combat warrior couples attend the Warrior Couples Workshop Retreat at no cost (excluding travel). Please visit our DONATE page to sponsor a couple, an activity or an entire retreat. We value your trust and appreciate your generosity.

  • Free for service members, veterans and their partner to attend (excluding travel)

  • 4-day interactive course that provides practical application of healing tools

  • Expert Trauma and Marriage Therapist Facilitator

  • Special Operations Couple Facilitator

  • 10 – 12 couples attend to allow for more individualized assistance

  • Immediately improves communication tactics between couples

  • Results-driven practical tools taught

  • Experiential-based learning through outdoor activities and events

  • Sponsored Date Night

  • Resources provided for ongoing treatment and healing


80% of Veterans want more family involvement in PTSD healing
Greater success rate of healing when spouse is involved
Secondary PTSD and suicide among combat spouses is climbing
4.8 out of 5 survey rating of All Secure’s Retreat Workshop

“HUGE thank you to Tom and Jen Satterly and the All Secure Foundation for sponsoring the BEST couples retreat we have ever been to this past weekend. We are grateful beyond words for what you guys are doing for our service members and their families! Thank you and your sponsors.”

Col. Stuart Ferris
Commander / First Special Warfare Training Group (A)

“I want to say before I get started that I have never, ever been to or attended a marriage/couples retreat. I never believed in them. I went in with eyes wide open keeping all biases at bay. I’m glad I did.

I connected with so many people and couples that weekend because of the camaraderie of people cut from the same cloth. There wasn’t any pressure, except what someone put on themselves. Someone could relate to you. Someone walked that same piece of ground as you. Someone had a near enough experience to help.

There is no other connection than that of the Special Operations community. We are cut from a different cloth but we are of the same ilk. The All Secure Foundation Warrior Couples Workshop Retreat are amazing! You have given myself, my wife and as a couple, the power to take control of those demons and the takeaway exercises to grow stronger in love, life and self-control. Thank you Tom, Jen and Stacey. Special thanks to those of you behind the scenes who I’ll never get a chance to thank or shake your hand.”

Matt Wilson
75th Ranger Regiment
7th Special Forces Group (A)
1st SFOD-Delta

My husband, Matt, spent the last 26+ years within the special operations community. I was not married to him nor did I know him during his time in the Rangers, Special Forces or Delta Force. His time in South America during the war on drugs, Iraq and Afghanistan I was not part of. But I am here now, dealing with the aftermath of what he’s encountered and lostWe have a different perspective on things and our age and past experiences have helped us in our relationship. We handled everything on our own. But experiencing the retreat made us realize, as a couple, that we were not alone in our struggles. The All Secure Foundation helped me understand and deal with his needs. Not that he would say anything about needing help but he did.


When I listened to other’s stories, I connected with what they had to say on so many levels, “like wow that is us or that is me.” I felt like I was not alone in my thoughts and actions. I felt more at home with this group than any of my civilian friends and like they “got it” where others have not. The discussions also triggered a lot of thoughts and ways Matt and I have dealt with issues that we could share with the younger couples and what works and what does not work. If our words help one couple avoid unnecessary pain or save their marriage and family, it is worth it.

I am a very private person so opening up on the retreat was not easy for me, but the venue and the way the whole weekend was scheduled, enabled me to do so. Stacey was fantastic in all she discussed and how she handled all the couples. The exercises that Stacey brought to the table didn’t force us to work together but coaxed and led us to finding different and positive ways of dealing with issues. We were not in classroom the whole time, we met by the water, on the beach and in a private picnic area-relaxed settings that made me more comfortable to open up and share. Finding and understanding Matt’s triggers was a huge breakthrough in this environment. We also had important alone time as a couple to spend, one on one. 

Along with adding in the special operations community, at the retreat, where Matt felt at home and not alone really hit us emotionally and spiritually. I cannot say enough about the takeaway experiences, exercises and camaraderie, but I will try.  We met several amazing couples and loved hearing their stories. We had a common bond immediately. I consider them a support system from now on. This is an amazing program and I would love to see it continue and grow.  You gave Matt and I more secure foundation to grow on. Thank you All Secure Foundation.

Carol W.
Special Operations Spouse

Life with a soldier in the SF community means a lot of time apart and therefore connecting as a couple can be very difficult. When we were invited to be a part of the All Secure Foundation’s marriage retreat, we jumped at the opportunity. Being able to leave daily chaos and distractions behind meant we could focus on ourselves and our marriage. Stacey, the counselor, was able to fit in meaningfullessons in the most relaxed sessions. She gave us guided exercises that we continue to use and see positive results that continue to strengthen our bond. Tom and Jen Satterly’s passion for serving and supporting the Special Operations community was evident in every aspect of the weekend. We highly recommend All Secure Foundation for anyone who may be struggling in their marriage or having any connection issues.

Nicole B.
Special Operations Spouse

What these folks are doing for our community is amazing. Tireless energy, dedication and non-stop caring. 

I experienced their services first hand during an All Secure Foundation retreat in Missouri last September. The time and effort put into this was immediately apparent. While there was certainly counseling and such, the curriculum also included time to enjoy the nature of the area along with alone time with your significant other. A relaxing and non-judgemental environment for all. 

I honestly had no idea what to expect going in and have to say the experience FAR exceeded my expectations. I learned more about myself and my brothers, and my fiancé learned much also regarding me personally and our community; that I’m not the only person dealing with things foreign to many. 

Tom, Jen and Stacy, I can’t thank you enough for everything, to include my new found tools to reference whenever I need. 

Paul M.
Special Operations Veteran, US Army


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