As a civilian I have a lot of questions about TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) so I talked with friend, and career Army veteran, Ray Thompson. I needed someone who would de-mystify these things for me so that I could share with my readers a basic understanding of both, and how we might best address these challenges whether we bear the weight of either of them personally or through the struggles of loved ones.

After enlisting in the Army 27 years ago, Ray now serves as a Battalion Commander for the Mississippi State Guard. He’s served as a Medic, a Respiratory Therapist and an EMT among other things. He’s a Naturopathic and Holistic Practitioner who makes house calls when necessary and gives each person who comes to him for help a plan created for them based on their individual needs, no matter how “generic” the label of their issues.

TBI and PTS are not challenges limited to combat veterans.

TBI is a physical injury any of us could experience from a car wreck, sports impact, a severe fall, proximity to an explosion, or any type of blow to the head. PTS is a mental/emotional injury where the individual can get “stuck” in a replay of a traumatic event or events that render them unable to move forward and heal, if not addressed effectively.

Traumatic events such as rape/molestation, physical/emotional abuse, witnessing or experiencing robberies or horrible accidents occur to civilians every day. The emotional aftermath can be equally brutal, a type of combat in its own way, and just as difficult to recover from as a fully trained warrior brought temporarily to his knees by combat on an exponentially larger battlefield.

These things could happen to any of us, we do not have to be a combat veteran to face these challenges. Ray is adamant in his conviction that combat vets do not suffer these things because they are weak in any way…

They survive and walk among us today suffering from an excess of strength. 

They survived their experiences because of their mental strength and stability. The struggle to thrive after survival is where they need our assistance and support. Most of us wouldn’t have made it home to face the challenge of PTS like these vets we are so quick to label.

Ray teaches that the healing of any injury, whether it be physical or mental/emotional has to begin at the foundation. He knows that it has to happen from the inside out to be sustainable. He doesn’t believe in masking the injury, smothering the pain or slapping a bandaid on an arterial wound.

Why are we so foolish as to think this is the answer?

Ray explained to me that the fuel of a healthy balanced mind is Serotonin which is created in the gut. This means that being nutritionally balanced is critical for clarity of mind. For any of us to heal ourselves of any injury we have to give our bodies the tools it needs to heal itself. Eating to balance our pH and lower our acidity gives our bodies what we need to have the Serotonin required for clearer more balanced thinking while we address the injuries we’ve sustained physically and mentally.

Are you treating yourself like a Porsche or a Pinto?

We don’t properly supplement (put oil in the car), we toss in some shitty fuel and then wonder why we barely make it as we spit and sputter along. If we get where we’re going, which is doubtful, it certainly won’t be an enjoyable stress free ride now, will it? Lack of common sense and self-care handicaps not just our progress, but our desire to try to progress at all.

We set ourselves up for a lack of energy, deepening depression and weaken our immune system to welcome additional issues. Clouded minds make poor decisions that feed the self-defeating downward spiral we appear to be trapped in…

We lose focus, we lose hope, we become blind to any light offered.

Ray says we do too much to mask the symptoms and nowhere near enough to cure the problems. Our bodies need 40 essential nutrients daily, and we’re lucky if we get three of them. We eat too many processed, nutrient poor foods. We take in too much sugar and too little water. Our meals lack the fresh fruits and vegetables our bodies need to heal and fuel us through our days.

We’re nutritional idiots hoping that a pill will fix the self we refuse to nurture.

Ray walks the talk. After a horrible injury left him wheel chair bound, in the space of one heart-breaking week he went blind from side effects of the pain medication he was given and lost his father. His weight sky-rocketed and introduced further health challenges. He knows from personal experience that a nutritionally sound body gives you the clarity of mind to overcome obstacles that would permanently cripple those of us not so well prepared for life. Some of us may have considered tossing in the towel after such devastating life blows.

Too many of our people have done so.

We cannot let this continue to be our truth. We owe it to ourselves and each other to stop hiding and heal ourselves properly. Not just to enjoy the lives we’ve been given, but to help others achieve the same for themselves.

After talking with Ray, all of us at All Secure realized that an introduction to him wouldn’t be enough. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing his wisdom of holistic healing, cleanses to rid our bodies of daily toxins, how to begin alkalizing our bodies to strengthen our immune systems and what kinds of foods to limit or stay away from entirely to achieve optimal health.

Talking about living a life of excellence is easy and sounds impressive. Taking action and saving a life is impressive and an example for others to follow, but…

The first life you save has to be your own.

Join us.