I have it on good authority that Scot Spooner needs no introduction to this crowd.

When I’m asked to write about someone, I have to spend some time talking to them as I would anyone else on my front porch. I want to hear what they have to say, get a sense of how they feel about certain topics, read between the lines and absorb their reactions. I want to notice when they laugh, or how they offer themselves up and get a feel for who they are as a person as opposed to a persona.

My brother Tom was right. Scot doesn’t need “introduced”. After thoroughly enjoying multiple in depth conversations that contained enough material to write 5 articles, I am convinced he needs to be experienced. There is no other way to begin to comprehend some of what he’s been through and what he brings to us, not via motivational speeches and quirky little tricks to pump us up and make us believe in ourselves again, but with a courageous and sometimes frightening honesty that can make us want to back far away and stick our heads back in the sand…or up our asses.

The tiny little slices that describe him are words like writer, speaker, therapist, leader, team-builder, personal strategist, philanthropist and the facilitator of more powerful humans.

His gift is his ability to call us to re-humanize ourselves.

His writing is nothing short of illuminating, and listening to him verbally riff on the topic of authenticity is like a psychological and emotional ride on a tsunami. There is that beginning calm and space created as he gathers power and then, lulled by a combination of the passion his voice and a fascination with each topic, I found myself tumbling under the waves of new perceptions and possibilities. When our conversation was over, and I was disheveled, battered and awed, my first thought was…

Let’s do that again!

I’m supposed to tell you things about him that make him socially “important”. That he makes an excellent living being the owner and founder of Reflective Leadership Solutions, or name drop the multi-billion dollar companies he’s worked with, or share the transition of his company in the works that will put his reach and impact off the charts.

I’d rather tell you the truly courageous things he’s done that make him a remarkable human. He’s a recovered alcoholic, former Delta Heavy Breacher, and continues to thrive in life with the effects of PTSD, the gritty reality of divorce, and the varied physical and psychological challenges that come from living life on the “razor’s edge”. I want you to know that he has developed the courage it takes to recover his own power and be the most free human he can be, not only for his kids, family and personal tribe members, but for all of us. I want you to see the heart in his involvement with non-profit ventures that feed his hunger to give back to the world he’s woven into. By now you may expect me to  tell you that he’s some crazy blend of Tony Robbins, Gary Vee and Jay Shetty with a few philosophers and prophets thrown in…

No. He’s unapologetically Scot Spooner, and you will not be disappointed.

He’s no Pollyanna or 3 day immersion self-help guru. If you want Scot, you better bring your A game, and that means making a commitment to yourself and to him that you are guts out balls to the wall ready to truth speak and bring yourself to the table. If he talks to you, and you aren’t ready to do the work it takes to be a more powerful human, you get your walking papers. Money has nothing to do with that decision.

I really like that about him.

What you call a high dollar investment in a self-help seminar, he calls a “sun-burn”. You walk away from the pump and flash and wonder where all your happy motivation went? Why aren’t people cheering you and jumping up and down at your new brilliance? Why is your confidence and certainty fading with every throat chop life serves you? Where’s your new found spine for crying out loud, you paid good money for that didn’t you? The problem is simple, you didn’t do the real work. That’s what you get when you’re in Scot’s orbit.

Awareness without action is annoyance

When I asked him to explain this comment to me he pointed out that we all walk around knowing things about ourselves, being aware, but we don’t take the steps to transition ourselves away from what lessens our impact and stifles our growth. We know we should take care of ourselves better, spend more wisely, practice gratitude, be less judgmental and and hold ourselves accountable when we’re an asshole to those around us. We know these things are holding us back and yet we take no action to change and grow. It is in fact, as he says, an annoyance. We make excuses to avoid the effort and discomfort of genuine change.

He knows that the steps we take to heal our soul injuries and save our relationships may save our souls, but cost us the relationships and is a process of painful creative destruction. He’s done the work to be who he is and he doesn’t give a fuck what you think about who he is or what he believes. Not in the careless, ego-driven way we all like to say that we don’t care what people think. Most of us are lying when we say that. He is not. With the exception of those closest to him, his family and seasoned tribe members, if you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, your opinion holds no weight. You’ve got to have skin in the game, or you’re not in the conversation at all.

The unapologetic living of his life makes him the warrior he is.

The exciting news is that he and his company are in transition towards a more powerful platform. As Co-founder of Original Freedom Consulting, RLS will be respectfully retired and he will grow his clients forward with the same developmental aspects for corporations while adding innovative offerings via digital online e-courses, and the Original Freedom Podcast. That’s right, my friends, you will get to experience the Scot Spooner tsunami. Their new company tagline is:

More Powerful Humans

Some people would run away from the force of his belief in the necessity of authenticity, the mirror he is to our spirit, the teacher he is to the wasting heart of us, the truth seeker he calls us to be for ourselves…the rest of us put him on speed dial.

“Let the pain tell you what to do…let the fear show you where to go.”

This is the first of a series of pieces that will share my experiences with the heart and mind of Scot Spooner. I will bring you thought provoking pieces from my forays into his beliefs on bringing forth your authentic self and what that looks like, his thoughts on the use of non traditional and ancient medicines as they relate to PTSD,  the harsh and raw transition into a “new normal” for combat vets, and a couple more that I’m not going to let out of the bag just yet.

I know you’ll find them interesting, illuminating, a bit thought disruptive and pattern disturbing.

That’s fertile soil for growing an authentic life.

Make sure to pick up Scot’s book, “Your Life” on Amazon.